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(G1-2) LEGO SPIKE Essential-I

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential is the cross-curricular STEAM solution for elementary education. SPIKE Essential engages students in hands-on investigation of STEAM concepts while contributing to literacy, math, and social-emotional development. By using everyday themes and relatable Minifigures, students with different personalities are encouraged to solve problems through storytelling. SPIKE Essential includes 10 units that focus on national standards for both lower (G1-3) and upper elementary grades (G3-5). 


Boat Trip

Maria and Sofie are going on a boat trip! How will they get their boat into the water? 


Underwater Quest

Maria is curious to explore life below the sea. How can she get the submarine in and out of the water?


Musical Vibration

Maria plays piano. She wants to make more music. Can you build her something to play on?


The Fast Lane

Help Leo enter the amusement park with the Fast Lane!


Twirling Teacups

Round and round! Sofie and Leo are excited to try this new spinning ride today.



Leo wants to make some shade on a sunny day. What materials should he use? Help him find out.


Classify and Choose Materials

Daniel got some chickens. Help him build a chicken coop where they’ll be safe and comfortable.


Solving Problems When Environments Change

Sofie learned that people will put a building in the wetland near her home. 


Arctic Ride

Leo is going on an Arctic adventure to see polar bears. How can he use his snowmobile to get there? 


Treehouse Camp

Sofie is looking forward to seeing the moon from her treehouse! How can she open the treehouse roof for a great view of the sky?



Leo wants to make some shade on a sunny day. What materials should he use? Help him find out.


Classic Carousel

Create a new spinning ride for Sofie to try!


The Spinning Ferris Wheel

The team wants to ride the Ferris Wheel together. How can you help them?



Maria saw bees on the flowers of her apple tree. She wonders what they’re doing. Can you help her learn?


Protection from Wind

It blew a lot of the soil away. What could happen to the animals in the park? Can you help the team protect the soil?


Animal Behavior

Maria sees that African buffalo live in large herds. She wonders why they live in groups rather than on their own.


Cave Car

Daniel wonders what lives inside a dark cave. What do you think is hiding in the dark?


The Great Desert Adventure

It’s time for another great adventure. Help the team reach the pyramids!


Communicate with Light and Sound

Daniel lives across the street from Sofie. What can he build to send messages to her?


The Perfect Swing

Maria doesn’t want a ride that goes too fast. Do you think the swing will be a perfect fit?


The Most Amazing Amusement Park

It’s time to create your very own amusement park ride!



Sofie learned about the places giraffes live. She wonders about the other animals that live there. What about other places? Can you help her learn?


Preparing for the Weather

Daniel learned that strong storms can damage pet houses. Help him design a pet house that keeps animals safe even in storms.


Animals in Their Habitats

Sofie, Daniel, Maria, and Leo visit a desert. They wonder how the animals and plants survive where it is so dry.


Animal Alarm

Leo doesn't want to miss any of the animals walking by his campsite while he's asleep. How can his animal alarm help him?



Sofie thinks something is under her bed. Can you help her see it?


Using Ideas from Nature

Daniel, Sofie, Leo, and Maria learned that some lightbulbs were made using ideas from how fireflies make light. 


Snack Stand

Oh, no! Daniel dropped his snack. Help him get a new one from the snack stand.


Remix the Ride

It's time to help get an unfinished ride ready for the amusement park!


Redesigning to Make New Objects

Leo wants to make something for his dog to eat. Help him build the tools he needs in the kitchen.


Life Cycles

Leo learned that tadpoles are baby frogs. He wonders how other animals and plants change as they grow.

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