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(G2-3) VEX GO

The VEX GO platform is designed for elementary school students and aims to introduce them to the basics of robotics and engineering through hands-on activities. 

  1. Introduction to Robotics: Basic concepts of robotics, understanding the components of a robot, and an overview of the VEX GO system.

  2. Building Skills: Hands-on activities that involve building and assembling VEX GO robots. Students learn about different mechanical structures, use of connectors, and other building techniques.

  3. Programming Basics: Introduction to programming VEX GO robots using a simple and age-appropriate programming language or graphical interface. Students may learn how to control the movements and actions of their robots.

  4. STEM Concepts: Integration of STEM concepts, including basic principles of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The curriculum may use practical examples related to the robot-building process.

  5. Teamwork and Collaboration: Many VEX GO programs encourage teamwork and collaboration. Students may work in groups to design, build, and program their robots, fostering communication and cooperation.

  6. Exploration of Sensors: Introduction to basic sensors and how they can be used to enhance the functionality of robots. Students may learn to incorporate sensors into their robot designs.


Intro to Building

Explore the VEX GO Kit to learn the names and functions of key pieces by building structures to take on a voyage to Mars.



Build a clock and look into its gears and how the minute travels 12x faster than the hour.


Slingshot Car

Build and test a Slingshot Car to explore how it works, and will use what they learn to play a bowling game with their car.


Day and Night

Build a model with VEX GO to show how the Earth spins on its axis to create the day/night cycle, and to explain why the sun appears to move across the sky.

go-island expedition.jpg

Island Expedition

bring the concepts of topographic maps and identifying different landscapes to life in a hands-on, engaging way.


Magnet Car 

Use the Magnetic Car to investigate the properties of magnetism and magnetic force.


Look like 

Build a bunny family and understand bunny parent and baby.


Simple Machine

How an unbalanced force, such as gravity on an inclined plane, causes an object to move.


Pendulum Game

Build and engineer a game using the motion and force of the pendulum to knock over objects.


Creature Feature

Look in gears concept. Explore building and constructing different VEX GO Creatures.


Fun Frogs 

Investigate the different phases of the frog life cycle.

Animal rescure.jpg

Animal Rescue

introduce students to the free building with their VEX GO Kits, bringing engineering concepts to life in a hands-on, engaging way.



Investigate how a lever operates, and how the location of the pivot point alters its ability to do work


Battle Boats

Students will plot points on a coordinate plane while playing the Battle Boats game.



Students will explore whole equivalents and equivalent fractions using the Fractions build and VEX GO Kit beams and plates to compare fractions by size.


Super Car 

Investigate the variables that affect the movement of the Super Car.


Helping Hand

Investigate and modify the Adaptation Claw to help solve authentic problems.


Wheel & Axle

Understand how using a wheel and axle allows us to move an object more easily.

Fun with formation.jpg

Fun with formations

Students explore the creation of various landforms by constructing models of canyons, sand dunes, and deltas with their VEX GO Kit.

go-island expedition.jpg

Island Expedition

This Activity Series is designed to bring the concepts of topographic maps and identifying different landscapes to life in a hands-on, engaging way.


Robot Jobs

Build and code a Code Base robot to perform a job that is dull, dirty or dangerous.

go-Mars Geology .png

Mars Geology

Use the Electromagnet and Eye Sensor on the Code Base to collect, analyze and sort Martian rock samples like the Mars rovers.


Ocean Emergency

Apply coding skills to help clean up the ocean using Code Base and VEXcode GO.


Code Base

Use the Code Base and its sensor iterations to explore robot behaviors, controls, commands, and sensors through navigation challenges.

go-Spirograph Art Show.png


Designed to integrate STEM and art, as students build a Spirograph and use it to create original artwork to share with one another.



Explore how to create scaled drawings and use them in design challenges.


Mars Rover-Landing Challenge

Code the Code Base Rover to detect obstacles and clear the landing area for a Mars landing.


Parade Float

Design, build, and code a float for a parade using the VEX GO Kit.


Robot Arm

Work with the Robot Arm, and its adaptations to learn what robotic arms can do and how they work!


Mars Rover-Surface Operations

Help scientists by coding the Code Base to act as a rover and collect samples on Mars!

go-self driving code base.jpg

Self-Driving Code Base

Code your self-driving code base to use an eye sensor to detect brightness and colors.

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