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(G2-6) VEX VR Blocks Coding
(G4-8) VEX VR Python Coding

First, robots are fun. No matter the subject, teachers are always looking for ways to engage and motivate their students. The everyday relevance of robots in the lives of students provides a natural and authentic hook for student learning. The process of developing programming solutions with a robot provides a relevant context for engaging students in learning coding. The VEX VR curriculum provides students with a fun and engaging way to learn Blocks coding, Python coding with Robotics.


(G2-6) VEXcode VR Blocks

Begin the journey into learning Computer Science with the VEXcode VR - Blocks course! Using VEXcode VR and engaging robotics-based activities, students will learn about project flow, loops, conditionals, algorithms.

(G4-8) VEXcode VR Python

Continue the coding journey with text-based coding in VEXcode VR Python! Using a VR Robot to solve various coding challenges, students will learn about project flow, loops, conditions, and algorithms in Python.

All units are taught in both Blocks or Python so students will have perfect understanding switching from Blocks to Python!

VR Robot2 Parts Callout (1).webp

Unit 1- Introduction and Fundamentals

This lesson will show you how to get started with VEXcode VR Python. 


Unit 4 - Navigating a Maze

Learn how to use the Bumper Sensor and the while loop to solve the Wall Maze Challenge.


Unit 7 - Decisions with Colors

Learn how to use the Front Eye Sensor, conditional [If then] and loops [Forever] to solve the Disk Maze Challenge. 


Unit 10 - Travel Distance

Using the Front Distance Sensor to navigate the VR Robot to collect as much trash as possible in one minute


Unit 13 - Coral Reef Cleanup

Code your VR Ocean Cleaning Robot to clean trash from the Mangrove Reef!


Unit 16 - VIQRC Virtual Skills
Full Volume

Code Virtual Byte to score in VIQRC Full Volume! 


Unit 2 - Moving Your Robot

Learn how to sequence commands correctly in order to knock over all castles on the playground.


Unit 5 - Detecting Walls 

Use the Optical and Distance sensors to seek, crash, and clear cube 'castles' to score points in the Castle Crasher competition!!


Unit 8 - Moving Disks with Loops

Use the Electromagnet on the VR Robot to pick up and drop disks to solve the Disk Mover challenge with sensor feedback and nesting loops. 

Triangle Fun.png

Unit 11 - Triangle Fun

Use the VR Pen to draw around the perimeter of a selected triangle and create a funny face on it!


Unit 14 - Castle Crasher +

Code your robot to crash castles and knock the pieces into the water!


Unit 3 - Repeating Behaviors

Learn how to use loops in VEXcode VR Python to repeat a set of behaviors multiple times, such as drawing the sides of a square.


Unit 6 - Knowing Your Location

Apply commands from the Drivetrain, Sensing, and Control categories in the correct sequence in order to solve the Drive to Three Numbers challenge.


Unit 9 - Developing Algorithms

Learn how to use the Front Eye Sensor and conditional statements to solve the Disk Maze Challenge.

Polygon Wheel.png

Unit 12 - Polygon Wheel

Design an algorithm to use the VR Pen to draw around the perimeter of a selected polygon and create a Polygon Wheel with it! 


Unit 15 - Rover Rescue

Code the VR Rover to collect minerals and neutralize irradiated aliens!

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