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(G4-8) VEX IQ Foundation I and II

VEX IQ is based on plastic, snap-together pieces specifically designed to build highly functional robots. This system doesn’t require any prior knowledge in robotics. Students can easily build their first robot, and the wide variety of additional parts means that they can build anything they imagine as they continue to learn.

  1. Introduction to Robotics: Basics of robotics, components of a robot, and understanding the VEX IQ system.

  2. Programming Skills: Teaching students how to program the VEX IQ robot using a programming language suitable for their skill level. This may include graphical programming interfaces or text-based coding.

  3. Engineering Design Process: Emphasizing the importance of the engineering design process in creating functional and efficient robots. This includes problem-solving, planning, building, testing, and refining.

  4. STEM Concepts: Integrating STEM concepts into the curriculum, covering subjects like physics, mathematics, and engineering principles.

  5. Robot Building: Hands-on activities for building and assembling VEX IQ robots. This involves understanding mechanical structures, using sensors, and implementing various mechanisms.

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IQ education-kit.jpg

Tug of War Lesson (6 lessons)

Explore how mechanical advantage and center of mass affect the BaseBot’s ability to pull objects, and design the best robot for the game of Tug of War!


Robot Soccer (3 lessons)

Explore how to create a manipulator on your robot to grab, pass, and score the most goals as a robot soccer player in the Robot Soccer competition!

Cube Collector 2.png

Cube Collector (4 lessons)

Explore the difference between driver control and autonomous challenges, as you learn to drive the Clawbot and code it to sort and stack cubes in the Cube Collector competition!

TreasureHunt 3.png

Treasure Hunt (5 lessons)

Build and code the Simple Clawbot with the Optical Sensor to recognize and collect red cubes to compete in the Treasure Hunt competition!

Castle Crashers 4.png

Castle Crasher (4 lessons)

Use the Optical and Distance sensors to seek, crash, and clear cube 'castles' to score points in the Castle Crasher competition!!

Team Freeze Tag 2.png

Team Freeze Tag (5 lessons)

Drive the BaseBot using the IQ Controller, choose wheels, and add sensors to compete in the Team Freeze Tag competition!

Up and Over2.png

Up and Over (5 lessons)

eDsign a Clawbot to collect, pick up, and move cubes from one side of the Field to the other, in the Up and Over competition!

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