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(G4-8) LEGO SPIKE Prime

Combining colorful LEGO building elements, easy-to-use hardware, and an intuitive drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch, the SPIKE Prime STEAM set continuously engages students through playful learning activities to think critically and solve complex problems, regardless of their learning level. From easy-entry projects to limitless creative design possibilities, including the option to explore text-based coding with Python, SPIKE Prime helps students learn the essential STEAM needed to become the innovative minds of tomorrow... while having fun!

Prime U1L1.jpg

Kiki the dog

Define a problem by observing a scenario.

Prime U1L5.jpg

Design for Someone

Use the complete design process to solve a real-world problem linked to prostheses.

Prime U2L4.jpg

Safe-deposit Box

Use conditions to lock or unlock the door of a safe-deposit box.

Prime U3L2.jpg

Repeat 5 Times

Use variables to count the number of sit-ups and calories burned during a workout.

Prime U3L6.jpg

Brain Game

Record multiple values at the same time in an array (list), and compare values.

Prime U4L4.jpg

Watch Your Steps

Explore kinetic energy during a movement at constant speed.

Prime U5L2.jpg

Ideas, the LEGO way!

Use LEGO bricks as a unique way to generate creative ideas.

Training Camp 1.jpg

Training Camp 1: Driving Around

Build a Practice Driving Base and make precise and controlled movements.

Training Camp 5.jpg

My Code, Our Program

Use My Blocks to write organized programs that'll help the Advanced Driving Base perform quickly and reliably.

Prime U1L2.jpg

Hopper Race

Design multiple prototypes to find the most effective way to move a robot without using wheels.

Prime U2L1.jpg

A "quality check" robot

Follow a user guide video to replicate the actions of a "quality check" robot.

Prime U2L5.jpg

Automate it!

Create and program an automated helper that can identify and ship the correct package based on color.

Prime U3L3.jpg

Rain or shine?

Create a way of displaying a weather forecast using qualitative cloud data.

Prime U4L1.jpg

Stretch with Data

Match graph values and explore margins of error qualitatively.

Prime U4L5.jpg

Aim for It

Explore kinetic energy during a movement using variable speed.

Prime U5L3.jpg

What is this?

Define, customize, and communicate the use of a new “thing.”

Training Camp 2.jpg

Training Camp 2: Playing with Objects

Use sensors to control motors and interact with objects on the competition field.

Training Camp 6.jpg

Time for an Upgrade

Build motorized tools that can help solve competition tasks.

Prime U1L3.jpg

Super Cleanup

Test the efficiency of two different grabber designs and determine the best design based on specific test criteria.

Prime U2L2.jpg

A Delivery Cart Robot

Find and fix mistakes in a program to make a Delivery Cart work as intended.

Prime U2L6.jpg

Back to Back

Not all code is on a computer. Write pseudocode that tells how to build a LEGO® model!

Prime U3L4.jpg

Wind Speed

Create a way to display wind speed using quantitative cloud data.

Prime U4L2.jpg

This Is Uphill

Graph energy consumption to gain potential energy.

Prime U4L6.jpg

The Obstacle Course

Illustrate potential and kinetic energy transfer.

Prime U5L4.jpg

Going the Distance

Program a Rhino to start and stop before it hits something.

Training Camp 3.jpg

Training Camp 3: Reacting to Lines

Write programs using the Color Sensor to make the Driving Base autonomous.

Training Camp 7.jpg

Mission Ready

Use controlled motor movements, sensors, and organized programs to solve a practice competition challenge in the shortest amount of time.

Prime U1L4.jpg


Figure out why something isn't working and fix it

Prime U2L3.jpg

Track Your Packages

Remix programming stacks to use an X-Y tracking device to follow a path on a piece of paper.

Prime U3L1.jpg

Break Dance

Synchronize motor movements of a "break dancer" to keep in rhythm with light and beats.

Prime U3L5.jpg

Veggie Love

Use live forecast data to decide whether tomato plants will need to be watered this week.

Prime U4L3.jpg

Time for Squat Jumps

Graph potential energy at the maximum height of a jump.

Prime U5L1.jpg

Pass the Brick

Practice teamwork techniques by working through four engaging challenges.

Prime U5L5.jpg


Collaborate to build a fun tabletop challenge and score as many goals as possible.

Training Camp 4.jpg

Assembling an Advanced Driving Base

Use effective teamwork to build and present a strong competition-ready Driving Base.

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