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(G4-8) VEX IQ Advanced

VEX IQ Advanced prepares students to the next level of Competition by introducing advanced mechanical principles and mechanisms:

IQ education-kit.jpg
IQ kit-of-parts-competition-image.webp
Compound Gears-3.gif

Gear Ratio and Compound Gears

Gear Ratio, Speed vs Torque


Conveyor and Intake

Object Movement

Scissor Linkage-3.gif

Scissor Linkage

Extension Mechanism

Worm Gear-3.gif

Worm Gear and Wheel 

Significant touque

Winch and Pulley-3.gif

Winch and Pulley

Lift and Lower Objects

Idle Gear-1.gif

Gear Train, Idle Gear, Dual Input Gears

Transfer Rotation Motion

Shock Spring.jpg

Shock Spring

Dampens Impact

4-Bar Linkage-2.png

4-Bar Linkage

Parallel Lifting Lever

Crank and Slider-2.gif

Crank and Slider 

Rotary to Linear Motion

Differential gear-2.gif

Differential Gear

Distrubute Touque

Chain and Sprocket-3.gif

Chain and Sprocket 

Flexible Rotary Transfer

Linear Slider.png

Linear Motion Slider

Rotary to Linear Motion

Crown Gear-1.jpg

Crown Gears

Angled Shafts


Cam and Follower (Snail Cam)

Sudden Drop Movement

Tank treads-1.jpeg

Tank Treads

Rack and Pinion-3.gif

Rack and Pinion

Rotary to Linear Motion

Bevel Gear-2.gif

Bevel Gears

Angled Shafts

Ratchet and Pawl-2.gif

Ratchet and Pawl

One Direction Rotary Motion

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