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Robotics is Fun for Kids
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The most important factor of robotics for children is the fun they experience. They enjoy the process of creating something new and unforeseen, the thrill of seeing whether it will work or not, the satisfaction of seeing their thoughts and imagination become a tangible reality, and the confidence they gain from their progress.

By integrating engineering, computer science, designing, construction, and computer systems, robotics deliver a variety of technologies that are vital to STEM education and construct something called robots.

All students are natural scientists and engineers. They love to ask, think, try, and play.  Does your child have to be an engineer to learn Robotics?  Not exactly. Important skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity, can help them become a doctor too! 

Robotfun Academy offers both VEX Robotics and LEGO Robotics after-school classes and summer camps for elementary and middle school students from PreK to 8th graders. Founded in 2023 and located on the border of Newton and Wellesley, we thrive for keeping inspiring students' interest in STEM, helping students boost their education and surpass their academic goals. We also help students learn valuable soft skills like communication, collaboration and time-management that benefit their daily school.

VEX Robotics + LEGO Robotics:
Strategic Combination of Two Educational Robotics

Combining LEGO Robotics with our established VEX Robotics curriculum empowers our students with a diverse skill set, preparing them for success in both competitive robotics and real-world engineering scenarios. This strategic introducing LEGO Robotics alongside our existing VEX Robotics curriculum is an exciting opportunity to broaden our students' horizons and enhance their robotics education. While both programs share the goal of fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a passion for STEM, they offer unique advantages that, when combined strategically, create a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience.


VEX Robotics, with its focus on competitive challenges, encourages students to apply engineering principles to design and build sophisticated robots that can perform complex tasks. VEX Robotics focus more on the building and engineering, with extra advantage of having a controller physically in your hands to drive a robot beside autonomous driving.

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On the other hand, LEGO Robotics offers a more accessible and intuitive platform, making it an ideal starting point for beginners or younger learners. Its user-friendly programming interface allows students to quickly grasp coding concepts, enabling them to create functional robots and explore fundamental programming skills. LEGO Robotics offers a unique, hands-on experience that encourages creativity and problem-solving from a different perspective and emphasize more on the programming.

LEGO SPIKE™ Essential

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Learn Hand-on Engineering and Programing

By integrating both LEGO Robotics and VEX Robotics, we can tailor our approach to cater to a wider range of skill levels and interests. Students can begin their robotics journey with LEGO, gaining confidence and foundational knowledge, before progressing to the more advanced VEX challenges. This dual-program approach fosters a gradual learning curve, ensuring that every student can thrive and progress at their own pace.  Student can switch between 2 different tracks as their interest migrates and skills expand.

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LEGO and VEX Robotics Curriculum
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Grade PreK-K

Use a relevant theme that naturally incorporates early coding skills.

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LEGO Prime

Grade 4-8

Provides a bridge between introductory and advanced robotics.

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Grade 2-3

Hand-on building activities and programming with real-world scenarios.

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VEX IQ Advanced

Grade 4-8

Prepare for next-level Competition with advanced mechanical principles and mechanisms.

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VEX IQ Competition

Grade 4-8

Largest and fastest growing elementary and middle school robotics program globally.

LEGO Essential 

Grade 1-3

Designed around playful narrative-based problem-solving with relatable themes.

FLL Competition

Grade 4-8

LEGO robotics competition for elementary and middle school students.

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VEX IQ Foundation

Grade 4-8

Plastic snap-together pieces specifically designed to build highly functional robots.

VEX Blocks and Python Coding

Grade 2-8

Find a fun and engaging way to learn Blocks and Python coding with Robotics.

Make New Friends and Work in a Team
Robotics and Coding Go Together

It takes the static process of coding and gives it an immediate, tangible result that you can see and feel.


This is where robotics can be different from programming. With a few lines of code and a little patience, they can get their robot to move, raise its arms, or even dance.


The only limit to what they can make will be their creativity and their willingness to learn.

Robotics Helps Develop Practical Skills

Design thinking: Design thinking is an approach that focuses on finding effective solutions to unfamiliar problems while teaching flexible perseverance, patience, and analytical thinking. In the field of robotics, designing solutions is closely tied to creating tangible products, making it easier to visualize the process of problem-solving.

Creativity: Switching between open and closed modes of brain activity can enhance creativity, and the fields of robotics and programming offer opportunities for both modes. Play-based learning is considered an effective way to develop and exercise both modes, making robotics and programming an excellent tool for enhancing creativity in children.

Confidence: Building something of their own, that functions as intended and that you've designed using their own creativity, can be an incredibly empowering experience that boosts their confidence. Robotics education for children fosters questioning and interaction between the teacher and student, and encourages the student's unique perspective on the task at hand.


Teamwork: Teamwork is a valuable skill that children can learn through collaborating on tasks with different perspectives and approaches to problem-solving. In the VEX curriculum, 2 students are encouraged to work together using one set, which not only leads to faster achievement of their goal but also promotes a fun and engaging experience. It also teaches children the importance of expressing their opinions respectfully, discussing ideas, and testing each one to determine the best solution for their problem, all while under the guidance and oversight of their teacher.

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